Motorworld Supports St. Maarten Vocational Training School’s Automotive Program with...

February 15, 2021
Posted by: Nympha Richardson

Students at the St. Maarten Vocational Training School are trained in various practical areas to ensure that they develop the necessary skills that will enable them to enter directly into the world of work after graduating.

When it comes to furthering the professional careers of students, vocational education and training offer many benefits, as students acquire valuable, hands-on learning experiences. Hence, the school’s motto “the world of education meets the world of work.”

The Automotive Program at the St. Maarten Vocational Training School (SMVTS) is a vital initiative that caters to approximately 50 students. Motorworld Group of Companies has been a long-standing partner with the SMVTS Automotive Program through providing ongoing student internships and trainings for over 10 years, which involves actively taking on interns and trainee students throughout the years to provide real life educational experiences and trainings at the auto dealership.

This partnership has been further strengthened by the recent donation of various motor parts, comprised of complete engines, transmissions, short blocks, tools and miscellaneous equipment valued at approximately USD $5,000.

“We want to have these young men graduating and working within their chosen field, which is essential. Our students are hands-on and that’s the way they learn. In the Automotive Program students also work on real cars that drive in and go back on the road. I am very thankful for Motorworld’s donation which provides essential equipment needed to help build their education, experience and skills,” shares Rita Gumbs, Director, SMVTS

Ms. Gumbs also commended Yanza Belle, SMVTS’ Automotive Teacher, for his efforts thus far to revamp and improve the Automotive Program and also, for going the extra mile to request Motorworld’s support to upgrade the necessary tools and equipment.

Mr. Ivamaral Carrilho, Motorworld’s Workshop Manager, encouraged students to focus on their passion and love for mechanical engineering in order to succeed in the automotive field. He further elaborated on the need for students to study continuously in order to remain abreast of advancements in the automotive field, particularly as it pertains to the development of more electrical auto components, as that will be the future of automotive mechanics. “You have to study hard and continue to keep up with the technology that keeps on changing,” shared Carrilho. “Do the best you can, and also, practice detailed review. Always double-check your work to ensure utmost safety and to avoid any unforeseen accidents.”

As a vested community partner, corporate responsibility and philanthropy remain at the heart of Motorworld Group of Companies’ operations.