Motorworld Launches An Unprecedented Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars Facility

July 2, 2020
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Motorworld Used Cars is located at Welfare Road #14, in Colebay, and officially opened to the public as of Thursday, July 2nd.

There is growing demand for reliable transportation to travel island-wide while keeping safety top of mind. With consideration of the importance of social distancing, Motorworld Group of Companies is expanding the ongoing trend of providing quality new and used automobiles at affordable prices, with the extension of the current dealership to a new facility, ‘Motorworld Used Cars.’ Motorworld Used Cars is located within a few steps from the current dealership at Welfare Road #14, in Colebay, St. Maarten, and will be officially open to the public as of today, Thursday, July 2nd.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives and livelihoods of us all,” shares Tariq Amjad, Managing Director, Motorworld Group of Companies.

“With health and safety as a top priority, we have remained diligent in protecting ourselves, loved ones, customers and the community. Therefore, we are challenged to adjust our offerings to adapt to the current climate, where safety is paramount. Additionally, our business health and sustainability are at the forefront of our daily lives, as we are faced with the economic impacts of the pandemic with major financial losses caused by the downturns, which is affecting residents throughout the entire island. Consequently, our expansion with Motorworld Used Cars is an essential adjustment of our business model in order to adapt to the prevalent trends and needs among the community in a manner that is practical and affordable to better serve our diverse customers’ needs,” says Amjad.


With a focus on quality used vehicles, Motorworld Used Cars is a dedicated facility, unlike any other on the island, with a detailed process to provide quality, certified used cars, backed by the Motorworld brand.

Motorworld’s certification process for used cars encompasses a strict 150-point checklist, including computer diagnostic, mechanical check-ups on the engine and other core components, detailing, full body work and factory-quality restoration of the interior and exterior, as needed, to present an exemplary showcase of certified pre-owned vehicles.

A “certified pre-owned car” is very different from the average used car. Motorworld’s used vehicles range from cars, to SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles, which are certified using key specifications.

Motorworld's Used Car's "Certified Pre-Owned" Certification

There are several benefits and advantages that come along with Motorworld’s Used Car’s “certified pre-owned” certification, which includes:

150 Multi-Point Inspection: Motorworld’s certified technicians will perform an intensive review of over 150 parts and systems within each vehicle to ensure that they meet quality and functional requirements.

Quality Repairs and Restoration: Motorworld’s certified pre-owned vehicles will be handled by trained technicians to complete any necessary mechanical repairs and/or body work on the interior or exterior of the vehicles.

Warranty: All vehicles less than 5 years old will be sold with warranty for added peace of mind.

Trade In: Trade in, Trade up! Upgrade your vehicle (any brand) to the newest models from Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mazda, Honda, Ford, Jeep, Ram, Isuzu or Audi!  We will appraise your car, give a full diagnostic report, and offer you a fair value for your vehicle. No more stress worrying about how to sell your car!

Moreoever, Motorworld Used Cars is comprised of a huge fleet with “quality vehicles that you can trust,” maintained at a more premium level than regular used cars. Pictures will be taken frequently and uploaded to Motorworld’s website: for digital visibility on the features and specifications.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Motorworld Used Cars for a test drive to see, feel and experience the certified pre-owned vehicle(s) of interest.

Cris Deygoo, Used Car Sales Manager


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