Motorworld Continues Annual Custom of Christmas Donation to Down Syndrome St. Maarten...

December 19, 2022
Posted by: Nympha Richardson

Every December, it is an annual custom of Motorworld for all Management & Staff to come together and give back to the community during the holiday season.

Each year, one organization is chosen and Management & Staff collectively raise funds for the Annual Christmas Donation.

“At Motorworld, we strongly believe that sharing is caring, and look forward to our Annual Christmas Donation. This year, we chose the Down Syndrome St. Maarten & Caribbean Foundation because we recognize these beautiful children as valued members of our community and want to help to make this a joyous season for them as well. In this way, we also show to the families that we care and hope that our contributions can inspire others to join in to help bring awareness on the subject,” shared Motorworld representative, Annesa Dwarka.

This year, the Down Syndrome St. Maarten & Caribbean Foundation (D.S.S.C.) was selected to receive the Annual Christmas Donation. The Down Syndrome St. Maarten & Caribbean Foundation was formed by a group of friends who have given birth to children with Down Syndrome. The goal of the foundation is to bring awareness to the community of St. Maarten and to assist in educating families who may need help in dealing with children with this disability.

“On behalf of the Down Syndrome St. Maarten & Caribbean Foundation Board Members, Participants, and their Parents we would like to thank Motorworld from the bottom of our hearts for the Kind Gesture that was displayed towards our foundation.” shares Luisa Chance, President of the D.S.S.C. Foundation.

The Christmas donation allowed the foundation to create 27 gift baskets containing items such as hygiene products, snacks, and a mix of perishable and non-perishable goods for the families. They also received additional funding to go towards the purchasing of meats like ham, turkey, and chicken to prepare Christmas lunches or dinners. Representatives of Motorworld visited the foundation to present them with the goods.

After being dormant for a period, the D.S.S.C. Foundation has been working diligently to bring awareness to the community and setting the building blocks for future goals and dreams for its members. One of which is to have a building that the foundation can call home. It will be a center for all new parents or persons who require assistance, information, and counseling as well as an afternoon school program that caters to every participant’s needs. Here, participants will learn vital life skills that will help them to function as independently as possible in the community.

Motorworld would like to thank the D.S.S.C. Foundation for all that they are doing and aspire to achieve in the community, and look forward to continuing to support foundations like this one each holiday season.