Motorworld Opens Employee Lounge

January 23, 2024
Posted by: Nympha Richardson

The Employee Lounge was opened with an invite to all staff to tour the new addition to the facilities.

January 19th marked a big accomplishment for us at Motorworld, as we unveiled our brand new Employee Lounge, executed by our fantastic group of employees from our Maintenance Department.
The Employee Lounge has been the company’s 3-year goal to create a space where employees can comfortably enjoy their breaks and unwind. It encompasses a dining area, a fully decked-out game room, and a locker room for all staff to store their belongings.

“In the hustle and bustle of our work, it’s crucial to strike a balance and embrace the lighter side of life. This space is not just about recreation; it’s a testament to the importance of camaraderie and rejuvenation. We hope to build even stronger bonds that will undoubtedly enhance our teamwork and we are happy to foster a culture where work and play coexist harmoniously”, said Managing Director, Tariq Amjad.